18 Jul

Fire Statistics in the United States

By Alyse Ridpath

According to the National Fire Protection Association annual fire department survey, fires claim an average of 9 lives every day.  On average, U.S. fire departments respond to:

  • A fire every 24 seconds
  • A structure fire every 66 seconds
  • A home fire every 90 seconds
  • An outside or unclassified fire every 48 seconds
  • A highway vehicle fire every 182 seconds

Wandling Engineering has over 40 years of experience investigating, analyzing, and evaluating fires and explosions.  Our engineers assist clients in situations involving both residential and commercial fires.   We have investigated situations involving many fuel and energy sources and are experienced with sources of ignition and explosive environments.

Looking for a thorough investigation team to assist with a fire loss?  The engineers at Wandling Engineering are not only members of NFPA, but are also knowledgeable in the scientific method, as recommended by NFPA 921, to produce scientifically sound analysis.

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