Field Investigation

Wandling Engineering is experienced in field investigations, and we thoroughly document evidence involved in the incident.  Documentation may include measurements, photographs, video, and statements from witnesses or other personnel.

Our engineers are able to perform testing including:

  • odorant and constituent testing
  • carbon monoxide levels
  • gas and liquid pressure testing
  • acceleration and vibration testing
  • fluid and gas temperature and flow measurements
  • gas appliance venting
  • fuel gas combustion processes
  • industrial machine automatic control function and safeguarding
  • equipment interlocking
  • emergency stop devices
  • sound levels
  • road elevation and slope
  • coefficient of friction testing

Evidence from the field must be properly processed.  Our engineers are knowledgeable about the requirements for artifact recovery, storage, and chain of custody.  We carefully document all evidence and artifacts correspondingly.  Clients nationwide have relied on us to form sound conclusions based on thorough investigation, properly preserved artifacts, and scientific analysis.