Product Design Analysis

Our engineers possess over 100 years of combined experience in the development, manufacture, and servicing of machines and machine components in a wide variety of industries. These industries include agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, tool and die, heavy construction equipment, and computer technology.

Our engineers are experienced in:

  • Developing component, product and system designs
  • Providing design evaluation, optimization and verification
  • Researching state of the art technology, standards, regulations and patents
  • Generating functional specifications, product designs, testing plans and product documentation

Wandling Engineering analyzes product designs to ascertain appropriateness for the intended user and for the conditions in which the system was being used. We apply engineering and scientific principles to investigate how a system functions in response to different inputs and whether a system was designed to applicable standards and specifications. Our engineers have experience with systems ranging from simple to complex, including motor vehicle systems, agricultural and construction equipment, and material processing and handling equipment. We have laboratory facilities for the development and testing of a wide array of products.